Keeping skin calm and balanced in hot weather

Had a Little too Much Fun Outside? Quick Ways to Soothe and Nourish Summer Skin and Hair

Summertime. It’s the best season to be outdoors enjoying fresh air and sunshine until you realize – oops! – that sunburn is going to hurt later. Or how about those late summer nights spent at the pool with friends? It’s all fun and relaxation, then you notice the toll chlorine (or saltwater) is taking on your hair.

There’s no reason to skip out on summer activities – it just means you should have a good routine in place to help restore your hair and skin back to it’s healthy state so you get through the season looking and feeling great.

How Do Summer Temperatures Affect Skin and Hair?

Just as you notice hair and skin is a little drier in winter, the summer season has an impact on the health of hair and skin, too. Depending where you live, quick changes in weather from hot to cool or dry to humid also makes it harder for skin to keep up and adapt to conditions. Because it has to work at staying consistent, there’s a chance your skin won’t be properly hydrated or protected during the summer season.

Heat, humidity and exposure to a range of environmental aspects, like air conditioning, chlorine or saltwater, affect the skin in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Hydration loss
  • Inflammation
  • Cracks or irritation on the skin’s surface
  • Dry, brittle hair

Warmer weather also causes skin to be more oil-prone and oil often gets trapped under the surface of the skin, causing breakouts. So what are some ways you can deal with these issues?

Nourish and Soothe Summer Skin and Hair

When your skin is feeling tender or inflamed the last thing you want to do is use products that are filled with questionable ingredients. It’s a good idea to look for clean beauty products for hair and skin solutions that feature organic, natural ingredients to repair and nourish skin and hair from deep within.

  • Soothe sunburn or irritation with calming ingredients. When you’ve had too much sun you know how delicate and temperamental sunburned skin can look and feel. Replenish lost moisture and soothe damaged cells by using a therapeutic body lotion containing skin-nourishing essential oils and butters, as well as organic aloe vera leaf juice – Pure Coconut Classic Body Lotion is the perfect scent and formula for summer skincare!
  • Rehydrate hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Skin isn’t the only thing to show signs of damage during summer months. When hair has had a little too much sun or water exposure it becomes dry and brittle. Restore and cleanse hair by using a hydrating formula two to three times a week – Argan Oil Hydrating Volume Shampoo and Conditioner features plant-based beauty ingredients like botanical extracts, rice proteins and therapeutic seed oils.

Consistency is Key

The best way to nourish skin and hair throughout the summer season is to use to avoid sun damage and use deeply hydrating products that restore moisture and infuse antioxidants right where they’re needed most.