Not to heavy, not too light: How Dry Body Oils can help restore your skin’s balanced hydration

Deep Steep Dry Body Oil

When your skin is feeling more parched than the Sahara Desert, it’s time to find a solution that infuses hydration back into the skin without feeling weighed down or oily.
You might be tempted to reach for that extra-rich body moisturizer but if you prefer lightweight formulas then you might be feeling like your options are limited – but they’re not! Dry body oil is an essential formula to have in your clean beauty routine that offers plenty of benefits in addition to giving your skin a hydrated glow.

Aside from quenching skin, dry body oil also works to address related skincare concerns, such as:
• Uneven skin tone
• Excessive dryness
• Uneven texture or dullness

How does a dry body oil formula do all that? It has to do with the skin-nourishing ingredients found in the formula you’re using. First, avoid anything with mineral oil as it doesn’t truly nourish or hydrate the skin and has the potential to clog pores. Other ingredients to watch and avoid are parabens, petroleum and phthalates.
For those who are health and beauty conscious, high quality dry body oil contains exceptionally hydrating and repairing ingredients, such as:

• Antioxidant-rich oils, including coconut, argan and olive fruit oil.
• Hydrating butter – shea butter is a favorite thanks to its high levels of fatty acids and vitamins, which soften, tone and heal skin.

Incorporating Dry Body Oils into Your Skincare Routine

Vanilla Coconut Dry Body Oil
Deep Steep’s Dry Body Oil in Vanilla Coconut

Dry body oils are essential in an every day routine and seamlessly take the place of other moisturizers should you want to minimize the number of products you use.

Exceptional for all skin types, dry body oil nourishes and hydrates skin while infusing it with vitamins and antioxidants and the best part is there’s no oily residue when you apply it to the skin because it absorbs quickly – perfect if you’re on the go or hydrating the skin before hopping into bed.

Whether you want something soothing and relaxing for nighttime or you love to start your day with an energizing fragrance, there’s a dry body oil that suits any occasion or season. The best way to incorporate a plant-based beauty formula into your routine is to apply the dry body oil to clean skin after showering and throughout the day as needed to address dryness or other skin concerns.

Moisturizing plant oils featured within dry body oil also provide a luxurious bathing experience, too. Another way to use a dry body oil formula is to add a few drops to bath water before soaking to give skin an extra dose of nourishment, then apply it directly to dry skin after a bath. Throughout the year skin experiences a range in temperatures and humidity levels, making a dry body oil one of those essential beauty products to have on hand!

Want to elevate your beauty routine and give your skin a glowing, dewy treat? Check out Deep Steep’s collection of lightly scented dry body oils!