Introducing: Deep Steep Hand Sanitizers

Hands with Hand Sanitizer spray

Hello Beauty!  We are thrilled to announce the launch of Deep Steep’s new Hand Sanitizers. Just like all of our products, we have carefully crafted these FDA-compliant sanitizers with your safety and enjoyment in mind:

Due to the ongoing Pandemic of Covid-19, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become very sought-after.  With this increased demand has come the opportunity for certain unscrupulous companies to market products that are unsafe based on the quality of alcohol being used in the sanitizers.

The FDA has issued warnings to consumers that impurities in certain hand sanitizer products, such as Methanol, can cause severe toxic effects to humans.  These toxic alcohols are coming primarily from manufacturing facilities that typically produce fuel or technical grade alcohols, and who are not following specific FDA guidelines.

Deep Steep only uses the highest quality ethyl alcohol, as prescribed by FDA regulations and guidelines, in our consumer hand sanitizer products.

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